when the time has come

when he began to approach..
when he says wanting to know you..
when he says u such a kind person..
when he gives signs of love..
when he cares with whom you go out with..
when he asks you wheather already take your meal..
when he always gives you such a sweet smile..
when he asks about you to your friends..
when he asks about your feeling towards him..

when he suddenly in busy..
when he didn't text you the day..
when he never text you goodnight last night..
when he didn't phoning you..
when he says 'i bz skit.hehe'..

when you wait at the window to see him with his motorcycle..
when you throw your umbrella if seeing him..
when you really miss him..
when suddenly his face appears in your eyesight even he's not there..
when you start to call and whisper his name alone..
when you waiting the weekends to come..

when can i say i love you??